Broken Spring Door Repair

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Broken Spring Repair for Garage Doors

A broken garage door spring is one of Proway Garage Door Service‘s specialties. A broken spring on a garage door can be one of the most dangerous repairs to be made on a garage door. Because of the tension, spring failure can be violent enough to be harmful or even deadly to the person repairing or others in the area. This is why it is important to hire a professional to safely repair your broken garage door spring.

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broken garage door spring repair

Are there different kinds of garage door springs?

Garage door springs fall into one of two categories: extension or torque springs. Springs provide the torque to counterbalance the garage door’s weight, permitting it to open and close. Because garage doors are over a hundred pounds, the springs have to have the strength to counterbalance that weight. 

Extension springs are those that extend when the garage door is closed. They run parallel to each of the horizontal tracks, and if one side of the garage door doesn’t move evenly with the other, it is often that one of the springs needs to be adjusted. They are a cheaper option than torsion springs.

Torsion springs are more popular and longer-lasting than extension springs because they don’t have to work as hard to lift the door. They are installed over the top of the garage door and work by winding and unwinding during the operation of the door. They are also the safest option, since they stay in their shaft, even if they snap.

Most common reason these springs break

Every time the garage door is used the springs handle a large amount of weight. The most common reason garage door springs break is because of wear and tear due to that amount of weight. Springs are rated to be used for a certain number of uses, at which point they become much more likely to break. Other reasons for a break in a spring can be something like rust which can weaken the integrity of the springs, and also not properly maintaining your garage door can lead to springs breaking. Broken spring door? Call us (321) 420-4532 and checkout our reviews.

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